Hell it's about time! META Madness is back!

7 months ago

And once again it's time to go shake off the traditional Heroes of the Storm META and embrace the META Madness! The infamouse event is back with the 7th iteration of the tournament format that breaks through the existing meta! We are proud to present once again the most crazy tournament concept in Heroes of the Storm, featuring a €2000 prize pool!


All of this is made possible through the help of the Khaldor Patreon Community, who I want to thank at this point for helping me to keep the Heroes of the Storm scene alive and continue to host events like this! If you are interested in support my efforts to host Esports events and create more tournaments in the future, you can become a supporter on Patreon! While I am absolutely atrocious at posting regular updates, I always work on hosting the next Esports event and creating the next concept to shake up the status quo and provide the community with new content! 


The idea of META Madness is to break through the current meta and force top players to think out of the box and play unorthodox Heroes and team compositions. In order to achieve that, Heroes played during any Best-of-3 or Best-of-5 series can NOT be picked again within the same series! Resulting in up to 60 (!!!) Heroes being unavailable for a potential 5th map in a Best-of-5 match! This forces teams to think outside the box and also results in Heroes being played in the course of a series that would never be picked in a normal tournament format!


Tournament Format:

The main tournament will be played with a Double Elimination bracket. The games will be played on the European server. The tournament will feature 16 teams and sign-ups are open as of right now!


META Madness Details:

  • Main Tournament Date: 30th March - 2nd April - starting time: 6pm CET on weekdays, 3pm CET on Saturday/Sunday
  • Group Stage:
    • Group A: 25./26. February
    • Group B: 4./5. March
    • Group C: 11./12. March
    • Group D: 18./19. March
  • Tournament Format: Double Elimination
  • Special Rules: Heroes can only be picked ONCE during a series
  • The first map of a match will be pre-determined and feature Haunted Mines, Blackheart's Bay or Hanamura
  • Prizemoney: 2000 Euros 


Community Hero-Bans:

once again, the community has the chance to ban their "most hated" Heroes for the entire duration of the tournament! Starting today people within the Heroes community can vote on which heroes they want to be banned completely during META Madness. As last time, the total number of Heroes that will be banned will be tied to Twitch Subscriber Goals during my Twitch stream. For each 35 subscribers (new, gifted or re-subs) from today until the start of the main tournament one additional hero will be globally banned for the event, up to a maximum of 20 (which would result in a total of 60 banned Heroes on a potential final map in a Best-of-5 series!). Subs will be counted towards additionally banned Heroes until the day before the start of the Main tournament (30th March).


  • Ban a hero for the entire event:  LINK
  • Current Ban-Poll Results: LINK
  • Tournament Details & Signup: LINK


As requested during the last tournament, the three people that gift the most subs during the time leading up to the main tournament will be allowed to cast a veto and prevent a hero from being banned.

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