HEROES International Re-Run

3 months ago

The Heroes International in October finally brought back offline competition with teams from all three major regions: North America, Korea and Europe! The best teams from each region gathered to fight for the title and the prize-pool of $11,000! The event features, as expected, some of the best and most exciting Heroes of the Storm matches since HGC!

This weekend we are featuring a fully edited re-run of the event on Twitch! The show will be trimmed down to show all the matches (including the drafts of each game), but excluding extended breaks and downtime due to technical problems or players setting up their gear for the next match.The stream will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 5pm CET each day. Each part of the show will run for around 7 hours, after which it will be repeated to accommodate not only the European viewers, but also allow the North American audience to watch it during prime-time!

The matches can as usual be watched on Khaldor's Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/Khaldor

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