Black Friday Deals with KhaldorTV

1 year ago

Once again it's Black Friday! And while everybody is rushing to the shops and getting trampled by the masses that push into the shopping centers there is of course also a huge amounts of great deals to be made online! Thanks to our sponsors Endgame Gear and Hype Energy, viewers of KhaldorTV have access to two awesome Black Friday deals until the end of the week:


Endgame Gear:

The MX1 is an absolutely amazing mouse and should be on your radar if you are in the market for a new one! It's a no bullshit piece of hardware, focused on the essentials and besides being super leight also features a new way to process clicks that makes the mouse faster than any other in the market! Until the end of the week Endgame Gear has an amazing deal available that allows you to pick up the MX1 for 40 Euros, compared to the usual 60 Euros that you would normally pay on Amazon and other shops! To check it out head over to the Endgame Gear Website!

Hype Energy:

Another great deal comes from Hype Energy and only applies to people that use the code "insight25" during a purchase of the Hype Energy Sample Box! In addition to a heavy discount you also don't have to pay the shipping cost that would usually apply to the purchase. If you get the Sample Box you also receive a 5,99 Euro Voucher Code that applies to your next purchase! Be aware though that the offer only applies to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and that there is a limited amount of Sample Boxes! The offer is available at the Hype Energy Shop!


Thanks again to our partners for supporting KhaldorTV and to all of you a great weekend, a Happy Thanksgiving and a successful shopping time! See you soon on!

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