Don't miss the EPIC Division S Playoff matches

1 year ago

Just last week the 2nd Season of Division S concluded in Europe an North America. The playoff tournaments showed some absolutely crazy games and feature some of the best matches that we've seen all season! If you've missed the live action we've got you covered though! While some of the videos are already online we'll continue to publish a new match every day at 8pm CET on YouTube that you can watch while chatting with other viewers live as the show continues, thanks to YouTube's Premier feature!


Published Division S Playoff matches (Europe):


Enjoy the games and make sure to check out the daily videos on YouTube at 8pm CET if you want to enjoy the upcoming games together with other Heroes of the Storm fans! All the fans of the North American scene and the NA Meta can rest assured as well: we'll have those videos up and running on YouTube in a few days as well! Stay safe everybody and see you in the Nexus!


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