Korean HotS Tournament fully available on YouTube!

1 year ago

Recently we finally got another glimpse into the Asian Heroes of the Storm Meta, as the Halloween Cup (hosted by Chilly Mountain), brought together some of the current top teams in Korea and China for a two day event! As you would expect the meta in both regions differs quite significantly from what we can observe these days in the West. Both Korea and China have very different priorities in regards to their draft as well as the talent builds that are played on certain heroes. If you missed the games you'll be happy to hear, that you can watch all of the matches on YouTube:



One of the highlights of the tournament was definitely the fact that a lot of the former Korean HGC players signed up for the event! With big names from Korea and China participating in the tournament we had some real highlight matches between the teams of both countries and some results that were definitely unexpected! Enjoy some great Heroes of the Storm matches, featuring former HGC top players and also some new faces that were more than ready to showcase their skills!



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