Nic brings Kerrigan back into the Heroes Meta!

4 years ago

Kerrigan has for a long time been a fan favorite and there's a ton of fun in watching a good Kerrigan player in a competitive match show off his skills. At the same time the hero presents a risk in many compositions and disappeared nearly completely from the Heroes of the Storm meta in years passed. Until recently that is! With Washed Up putting their former HGC-Player Nic back into a damage dealer position Nic has put Kerrigan back onto the map and shown off some incredibly games with the hero, resulting in regular target bans against her. Here are some of the best matches in which his Kerrigan is features:


  • Washed Up vs. Nothing Changed - VOD
  • Washed Up vs. The Vikings - VOD
  • The power of Kerrigan & Washed Up - VOD


With Nic and other former professional players continuously shaking up the current Meta it'll be a treat to see what the future holds. After Blaze has now carved out a niche as an occasional main tank, Malganis became a regular pic and the offlane has been dominated by Rexxar and Chen for long stretches of 2019 it sure is going to be an exciting one!

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