The Top 3 Matches in October!

4 years ago

Another month has passed and once again it's time to take a look at some of the best matches that have been played during the past four weeks! As October showed us a big amount of competitive Heroes of the Storm it's hard to choose but below you'll find three of the most intense matches played during that period! If you were not able to watch them yet we'd highly recommend you to check them out asap:


#1 - The Vikings vs. Porc9 - HeroesHype Semifinal

A fantastic Heroes of the Storm series with a lot of back and forth between two of the best teams in the post-HGC era! The Swedes are facing off against Mopsio's new team and what unfolds is an epic clash between two evenly matched opponents! - To the video


#2 - Looking for Work vs. Team Feedem - NA Heroes of the Storm

You'll have a tough time finding a match in 2019 that features more former HGC players than this Heroes of the Storm series between the two best teams in North America! The match features an intense clash with some incredible micro and shot-calling from the best in NA! - To the video


#3 - Washed Up vs. Laubers Fanclub - HeroesHype Winner Bracket Final

The duel between Lauber's team and Washed Up goes into the next chapter as the teams once again collide! With a lot of prizemoney on the line both teams bring their A game during a fantastic series of European Heroes of the Storm! - To the video


With November in mind we should see once again a month with a ton of exciting games as the Nations Cup heads into the Groupstage of the tournament. If the last iteration of the event is any indication we're in for a great month with some incredible matches as teams are representing their countries in a fierce competition to determine the best national team in Europe!




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