WarCraft 3 Overview for Newcomers

8 months ago

As I've started my Esports career by casting WarCraft 3 for nearly 8 years I was of course really excited when Blizzard announced WarCraft:Reforged around a year ago. Since then I've also started to commentate more WarCraft 3 matches and uploaded them to YouTube. Many audience members have responded by letting me know that they are very interested in the game but don't understand it's basics, which of course makes it hard to follow the commentary.


To help with that problem I uploaded a new video, casting two games of the latest Ryzing Star Cup in which I focus a lot more on the basics of WarCraft 3 and what distinguishes the Blizzard Classic from other RTS games like StarCraft 2! Make sure to check it out if you are interested in WarCraft 3 and want to brush up on the basics ahead of Blizzard releasing WarCraft:Reforged later this week: WarCraft 3 Overview & Basics



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