X-Cup Summer - All the facts & Details

2 years ago


Today we're very happy to announce the X-Cup Summer! A new Heroes of the Storm competition that for the game we all love! With the Masters Clash coming to an end, the X-Cup Summer is here to ensure more top Esports content for the Heroes of the Storm fans and opportunities for the top players within the game!

What makes the X-Cup so special is that the tournament is entirely sponsored by a member of the Heroes of the Storm community who has been a part of the game since Alpha and wants to give back to the game and its community! 

All of the matches of the X-Cup Summer will of course be broadcasted in English by Khaldor on Twitch, but the competition will also be open to other streamers. Additionally all participating players are allowed to stream their own games to ensure that everyone can enjoy the X-Cup Summer matches according to their own preferences! 


Tournament Prizepool:

In total 4000 EUR will be played out during the X-Cup Summer! The prize-money will be split between the teams that qualify for the playoffs of the tournament series as follows:

  • 1st Place: 1300 Euros
  • 2nd Place: 1000 Euros
  • 3rd Place: 700 Euros
  • 4th Place: 400 Euros
  • 5th & 6th Place: 200 Euros
  • 7th & 8th Place: 100 Euros


To qualify for the playoffs, teams can gather ranking points by participating in the X-Cup Summer Qualifiers. The ranking points will be used to create a leaderboard that will be updated after every qualification tournament. After the last qualification tournament the top 8 teams will automatically qualify for the X-Cup Summer Playoffs!


Qualifier Tournaments:

  • Qualifier #1 - 18. July - Link
  • Qualifier #2 - 21. July - Link
  • Qualifier #3 - 25. July - Link
  • Qualifier #4 - 28. July - Link
  • Qualifier #5 - 1. August - Link
  • Qualifier #6 - 4. August - Link
  • Qualifier #7 - 8. August - Link
  • Qualifier #8 - 11. August - Link
  • Qualifier #9 - 15. August - Link
  • Qualifier #10 - 18. August - Link


X-Cup Summer Rules:

The detailed ruleset for the X-Cup Summer can be found here - Tournament Rules

Upcoming Streams

No streams have been scheduled yet.